Hey There My Very Busy Friend

I’m Carol and I love my work too! Even on the most challenging days, I can’t imagine doing anything else. Being a business coach in Vancouver and spending time with other entrepreneurs lights up my world.

Whether you’re just beginning to make that business dream come true, have been around for awhile and want to build an empire, or are leading multiple teams to get it all done, there’s a service here for you.

And let’s be real. I don’t promise overnight success or a 7-figure income in 30 days (I am an understated Canadian after all) but I do offer very practical business help so you progress in your business development regardless of where you are right now.

About Me


I work with businesses at all stages and focus on three key areas: Business Development Tools and Techniques, Personal Growth and Development, as well as Implementation and Accountability, so there’ll be a package that’s right for you whether you’re starting out or taking on the world.

Start the WorkBuild a strong foundation for your new business.
Grow the WorkTime to stop being a solopreneur and take it to the next level.
Share the WorkBecome the leader they want to follow.
I've now been working with Carol over the past year and can truly say she offers me the ability to see what I can't see or view things in a different light to see the potential & possibilities for continued growth. I would highly recommend Carol as your coach in not just business but in life too!
Katy Mackenzie