Does this
sounds familiar?

  • You stayed awake half the night. Excited (and a little nervous) Mind on fire with possibilities
  • You love to work and look puzzled when people ask about your hobbies
  • You talk about business, think about business, work on your business and work in your business– what’s wrong with that?
  • You wear more hats than most people own
  • You’d rather work 80 hours for yourself than 40 for someone else
  • You don’t do anything half way. Whether it’s fitness, community service, connecting to the people dear to your heart, or the latest project
  • You know that your business can be a force for good
  • You know your couldn’t do what you do without that amazing spouse/best business bestie/treasury of friends who encourage you whole heartedly through the ups and downs
  • You know it’s time to step into a bigger role in life and business

carol greenaway

I Can Help You to:

  • Put those ideas into action
  • Make time for non-work stuff (it can be fun, honestly!)
  • Get clear about what matters most so you live fully without the burn out
  • Define those roles and decide which ones fit you best
  • Keep the joy of building your business without working yourself to death
  • Commit to processes not rigid goals—you’ll get there faster
  • Act on those values consistently
  • Clone yourself—well maybe not quite—learn to delegate so you can work on the business, not just in it
  • Become the inspiring leader who knows how to hire, retain the right people, and manage them effectively so that you and your teams create a happy and effective workplace

About Me


I work with businesses at all stages and focus on three key areas: Business Development Tools and Techniques, Personal Growth and Development, as well as Implementation and Accountability, so there’ll be a package that’s right for you whether you’re starting out or taking on the world.

Start the WorkBuild a strong foundation for your new business.
Grow the WorkTime to stop being a solopreneur and take it to the next level.
Share the WorkBecome the leader they want to follow.
Working with Carol has been transformative for me. Her instincts are spot-on. She is honest and supportive, and yet holds me accountable to take action. Carol has helped me develop a clear focus and direction for my small business. Thank you Carol!
Lisa Millar


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