I love working with entrepreneurs because I’m one too! I don’t claim to be a Marketing Goddess, Guru, or Rock Star. I’m a real live woman who’s spent more than three decades working in all kinds of organizations, in all kind of roles with all kinds of people. And, in the end, after trying all those ways of working, I discovered that having my own business is irresistible. (And resistance WAS futile!)


This not so secret love affair began in the 1980s. A dear friend and I fled from our employment as civil servants and scraped enough money together to purchase a childcare agency. We convinced a bank to give us a line of credit to keep afloat and over time, grew our revenues to about $800,000.00 annually. We loved what we were doing and had great fun in spite of the terror we felt from time to time! We made money too.


Some people say I’m an eternal optimist, others will call me a self help junkie. Maybe because I’ve invested over $100,000 in learning about business.  Became an accredited coach through the International Coach Federation and got certified as a Book Yourself Solid Coach (personally trained by Michael Port).  All those workshops, classes, coaches, and mentors have created a solid foundation of  knowledge that I’d like to share with you.


You really can be profitable in today’s economy.


And when I’m playing?  Since I live on Canada’s beautiful west coast, I spend too much time dodging rain drops in the winter, singing my heart out in a local choir, and dancing like a wild thing when I’m not learning how to do ballroom.  I’m a spiritual seeker who does her best to be a Good Person. I’m grateful to have a dear family, amazing friends, and my Sweetheart. (Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a Pollyanna who chants OM during Vancouver’s notorious traffic jams, although that might be helpful.)


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