5 Ways to Reduce Stress

As I write this, I’m trying to do too many things at once! And I’m feeling unusually stressed by it all.

You see, I’m getting ready to go on a silent retreat. (Yes, that means no talking, but I actually like that once in a while!) I’ll be away for a full week without access to the on-line world so I can concentrate on my inner one.

In the meantime, I have client work (hurray), projects to complete, and I’ve been up to my ears in adminstrivia. Not only that, for some reason, suddenly, all things electronic have broken out in technical glitches. Instead of being efficient with my time, I’ve spent hours parked on hold assaulted by awful music.

Oh, and then there’s packing to figure out since I won’t be anywhere near a store if I forget my toothbrush!

Usually, I’d try to sneak in a few extra hours to get everything done, but this week our social life has exploded. And I’m rushing from activity to activity without any breaks.

So I decided I’d better write this article, fast! (Sometimes I have to teach until I learn.)

If you can relate, my busy soloprenuer friend, get something good to sip and for the next 2 minutes (yes, 120 seconds) read the follow steps. It’ll relieve the pressure and keep your momentum going…

One: Follow my own advice. (Okay I have to laugh at myself a little.) That is, start the day with my mediation practice, even if it’s a little shorter than usual. 45 minutes might feel overwhelming, but as little as 10 calms and restores my perspective. And so do short little 5 minute intervals when I start feeling overwhelmed.

Two: Figure out what truly has to get done and leave the rest behind.  I’ve committed to several daily practices, but, I don’t have to post on multiple Face Book groups or read every newsletter that’s flooding my mailbox.

Three: Plan my time carefully. Although I love to live spontaneously, this isn’t the time to “wing it”. I’ve printed out a calendar, noted all my critical tasks, and posted it so I can see it. That way, I know exactly what I need to do next.

Four: Set the timer for at least 55 minutes and go… just get at it and keep doing it until the buzzer goes off. Then stand, stretch, and pause for five minutes. Repeat once or twice, then take a longer break. Resume.

Five: STOP! When I get on a roll, it’s tempting to keep going, but I want to enjoy time with my Sweetheart and all those invitations we’re anticipating. After all, isn’t that why I work for myselve?



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