Carol Becomes Certifiable!


Nudge has always been about making progress–moving people, organizations, and entrepreneurs forward, but what happens when the coach needs a nudge?

After my move to North Vancouver,      I decided to focus my practice on coaching rather than consulting. Although those big projects had paid the bills, my heart just wasn’t in them any more. I was a skilled coach with terrific credentials, but not enough clients and enduring the financial feast or famine cycle. I just couldn’t get traction.

I knew I needed a proprietary system to move my business forward, but I wanted something heart centered that lined up with my values. I investigated many options. Then I remembered Michael Port’s New York Times bestseller “Book Yourself Solid” so I investigated his School of Coaching. Something about Michael’s message (designed for people who hate marketing and sales) really clicked for me and I knew a colleague whose business took off after working in Michael’s Mentoring Group, so I applied to the program.  I completed all the requirements necessary to obtain my license in October.

Becoming a Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach™ has been life changing. As I applied the lessons from my training to my own practice, my business started to move. Ideal clients began to approach me to work with them, and my income started rising exponentially. My confidence soared along with my sense of purpose and competence. I’ve never had so much fun in my life or dared to challenge myself on so many levels.

Being a part of the Book Yourself Solid™ Mentoring Group has been remarkable too. I have colleagues who pierced the isolation I’d been suffering as a solo entrepreneur. We encourage, challenge, and celebrate each other.

Michael is the mentor I always hoped to find. I’ve never wanted a guru and he doesn’t pretend to be one. What he does is inspire, provoke, and guide. I deeply appreciate his generosity and open heartedness. I’m proud to be associated with the Book Yourself Solid™ brand and the entire team’s commitment to excellence.

My theme for this month is “Setting the Stage”. I’ll be launching a new website and adding group programs in the New Year. I promise to keep you posted as things develop.

If you’re curious, and don’t want to wait, just email me

If you’d prefer to call, I’m at 778-987-6477.

  • Colette

    I’m delighted this is working for you, Carol. Book Yourself Solid was a resource that really resonated with me when I set up my company. My favorite take away: identify your ideal client. Once you do that, and screen out possible problem clients, the work is much more enjoyable! Enjoy the new journey.