I Give Up

Have you ever been humming along in your business, happily working away and suddenly been blind sided?

When I sprained my ankle recently, life as I usually live it came to a halt. I love to walk, do it at least an hour a day. And I love dancing, dancing for the sheer joy of it. And none of that was happening.

Sitting for hours with a gel pack wrapped around my elevated foot, gave me almost as much time to meditate as the silent retreat did!

Except I was in pain. Pulsing, throbbing, aching pain.  And I was in my living room, surrounded by ordinary life, rather than a meditation hall. Without the same capacity to jump up and respond to whatever came along.

What do you do when you hit a bump along the business highway? Maybe a computer crashes.  A contract doesn’t come through or the children play a game of musical germs that keep the whole family sick for days.

And there you are, feeling frustrated and miserable as fear and doubt attack. How do you get everything done? What about your work?

You may hear yourself say.  I give up.

I did. It started as a tiny voice and then it got louder.


In my case, I had no choice. My ankle and bruised leg were very clear.


So I surrendered. And wondered… what did I really need to give up.

Maybe, struggling and driving myself too hard. Or saying no to fun a little too often.  I remembered that important as my work is, I needed to put it in its proper place.

Surrender is one of the hardest things for people to do. We feel responsible for so many things. Our work, our families, our community commitments.  Worry that if we stop, everything and everyone will fall apart.

And it isn’t just the big events that can push us…  Sometimes everything feels a little too hard as we trudge through the day.

As business owners, we strive to do our best.  And our good intentions to be successful can cause us to charge ahead and wander away from what matters most to us.  So here’s a way to surrender a little.

1. Pause  I can hear the protests, “ I don’t have time to stop.”  Well, instead of spending 30 minutes running down another internet rabbit hole, set a timer and open up a word document or an old fashioned notebook.

2. Write a list of everything that matters in your life. (For example, intimate relationship, work, spiritual practice, physical health, family relationships etc.)

3. Rate each area on a scale of 1 – 10 (1 representing “horrible” and 10 representing “over the moon happy”). Now take a breath or two, get centered, and look at your results.  What do you notice?  Any surprises? Is any one area  pulling too  hard on your time and energy?

4. Adjust What’s one thing that you could give up?  Let go, so you have little more space? Make a note, then a commitment, and a plan to release it.

As a fiercely independent person, you’re probably used to doing things alone. What if you gave that up?

I encourage everyone to find support while building a business and life you love.




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