Is Expert the New Dirty Word?

It’s time to own our expertise. I was at a seminar this week that examined the imposter syndrome. Let me tell, you–it was alive and flourishing if the comments I overhead were any indication. People were asked to tell one other person without equivocation, “I am an expert in _______.” For a few folks it […]

Nudge’s Next Step

As many of you know, I made a big leap this year and moved across the mountains to live in beautiful  North Vancouver. In the last three months I’ve been reflecting on the next steps I want to take with Nudge. As I’ve explored my new neighbourhood, I noticed independent, small business owners everywhere: chiropractors, […]

Thanks, Grumpy!

Today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Grumpy and sleepy, I crashed around the apartment looking for reasons to grumble. I ate a good breakfast and then gobbled down toasted white bread slathered with peanut butter. Would have had a good cup of real coffee if I kept it anymore, had […]

A Small but Mighty Nudge (Self Administered)

 We’ve all had them–those moments of self-doubt that undermine our confidence and leave us feeling like imposters. When we wonder what on earth we were thinking when we decided to try that new something or other. What to do? Simple. Change how you are standing or sitting for two minutes. Really, just two minutes of […]

Shall We Dance?

“I just want to surround myself with happy, positive people”. I’ve said this sentence many times over the past few years, and have heard it echoed in conversations with friends too. And it sounds reasonable enough. After all, who wants to be surrounded by a bunch of negative sad sacks? Nobody I know. But deeper […]


Although I’m a solution focused coach who likes to see progress and things moving forward, I’ve learned that sometimes we need to retreat. Step back, step off, step away! It’s good to do what’s required, to meet our responsibilities to others, to feel competent and productive. It’s equally good to meet our responsibilities to ourselves, […]

A Shove, Not a Nudge!

I’m getting ready for another visit to my dear West Coast Family. I always love to see them, but this trip feels particularly special. My Ontario Sister and Octogenarian Father will be joining us too. I have a milestone birthday this month and we’re inaugurating Birthday Season. Entering a new decade always intrigues me, but […]

Musical Nudging

Today the weather is amazing for mid-February. I already have spring fever! It’s the kind of day when I reconnect to my inner 3 year old as I struggle to stay focused on completing a few more items on the to do list. I pace, open all of the windows to let in sun and […]

Nudging Through Winter

I just got back from 5 days in Vancouver. The weather was glorious, sunny and warm, the air soft. Pale green sprouts peeked out of the ground. Snowy white mountain caps glowed against blue sky. People reveled in the respite from winter rains, enjoying outdoor patios and decks, cycling, running, strolling, hanging out with their […]


Many people have been in touch since Nudge went live, which has been great fun. Thanks  to everyone who’s taken a moment to connect, send encouraging words, and nudge me back with helpful suggestions. I love hearing from you.

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