Individual Coaching


Individual Coaching


 Here’s what I know for sure – You’re a business owner, a person who wants to make the world better, and you have bills to pay as well as dreams to fulfill.


As people who want to make a difference, we often get squeamish about money. Keep it at a distance, avoid talking about it, looking at it, but really, having a healthy relationship with money is incredibly empowering.


You don’t have to choose between meaningful work and making money. You can have both.


How do I know? Because I created a small business that offered excellent childcare to hundreds of parents and generated over $800K a year in revenue, too.


It’s really about learning how you can have meaning and money.  And it doesn’t have to be any harder than walking and chewing gum at the same time, but you do need a few things:


  • A program that’s not hyped and gives you integration time
  • Relevant information and resources that you can apply right away
  • Personal, individualized attention to support what you really, really want


The Mindfulness and Money Program

How’s This Program Any Different?


It’s run by someone who’s done it and keeps on doing it.  I’ve been involved with business for many, many years and spent thousands of dollars on education, training, courses, programs. And coaches. And mentors. And I’ve got a lot to share.


Knowledge is one thing. Respect is something else. I know that you’re on a mission to serve others. You’re not broken and you don’t need fixing. (Or browbeating, or scolding, or strategies that don’t fit.)


You do need information, resources, guidance, and encouragement to stand in your strength. To be seen. To have some space to hear your own voice and honour your own wisdom.


I’m not talking about just hanging out, or buying another program that languishes on the bookshelf. (I know, I’ve done it too – cheeks a little pink now!)


To get there we’ll need to cover three key principles:


  1. Establishing Mindfulness – Everything happens in the present moment and when you aren’t operating from there, business, home, life just gets harder.  With regular daily practice you can create positive life habits, change your brain, and have fun dealing with the profit side of your business.


  1. Building a Plan – Mindfulness gives you clarity about what you want. Stops you from running madly off in all directions, so you can design what you want because you know everything can’t be your first priority.  By focusing, you can let go of being overwhelmed and get more done in a given day. Finish your work time energized rather than drained.


  1. Planning in Action – It’s not about just building the plan.  Planning is essential, but a plan’s pretty useless if you don’t implement it.  To put your plan in action, you need accountability, support, and encouragement to move forward.  I’m talking beyond cheerleading…..


How Does It Work?


It takes time to gain forward momentum. The program runs for six months (yes, six months, so you can integrate and implement new systems for yourself that really work).


We sit down together twice a month by phone or Skype and spend an hour sorting out problems, making plans and strategizing, so you’re absolutely clear about what you need to do next. Here’s what you get.


  • 12 – one hour individual sessions (the focus is on you)
  • Pre-Session Check In Forms (so we don’t waste coaching time catching up and you can track your progress)
  • Access to the entire Book Your Self Solid System of Marketing and Sales (especially designed for people who hate marketing and sales). Don’t worry; I won’t make you drink from the fire hose!! I’ll point you to worksheets tailored to your unique situation
  • Done for you templates to help you plan and manage your time
  • Unlimited email access
  • Review and evaluation of any materials you submit
  • 10 – 15 minute phone calls between sessions so you never stay stuck


Here are some of results my clients typically report. Which ones speak most clearly to you?


  • Clarity about what you really want to create
  • Shifting your perspective from self-doubt to self-confidence
  • Identifying the ideal clients you love to serve
  • Establishing a solid marketing foundation based on your values so the right clients find you
  • Knowing how to talk about what you do clearly and easily
  • Learning a multitude of small business marketing tips, tactics, strategies and techniques that work
  • Mastering a super simple sales conversation
  • Developing packages and pricing
  • Managing time effectively
  • Establishing solid self-care
  • Higher profitability
  • Renewed enthusiasm
  • Greater Confidence
  • Realizing a dream (honestly three clients actually used those words!)


But most of all they get PEACE. Peace about money.  Peace about their lives. At the same time their businesses become more profitable too.


Sound good?

What’s the Investment?


A package of 12 individual sessions is $3,570.00, $595.00 per month for six months. (Plus GST for Canadian residents)


It’s designed for business owners committed to creating work that’s rewarding both personally and financially.


So check in with your inner guidance and if this resonates, let’s talk to see if the program is right for you. There’s no charge for the initial conversation, absolutely no risk to you at all.


But, before we chat, please click this link that will take you to an  APPLICATION QUESTIONNAIRE. I want to know as much about you as I can to serve you best before we connect.