Master Mind Groups


Having clarity about what you do, who you work with, and how to prioritize can be the toughest decisions to make in business. Unfortunately, without these foundational pieces everything else becomes so much harder. Can feel downright impossible. And you find yourself working harder and harder for less and less return.


You may have thought that you need coaching, real hands on personal help, yet you’re not sure if individual one on one coaching is for you.


What if you joined a small-handpicked group of kindred spirits who are facing similar challenges in developing their businesses? Facilitated and coached by someone who’s been doing it for years. What if you finally got the support and the peers that you’re yearning for? Who will help you get where you want to go.


You love what you do. It’s deeply meaningful. You know the value of what you have to offer, the transformation that happens when a client just gets it.


On a good day, you can see it happening. You see it and it feels like the most natural thing in the world.


But if you’re honest, you know that doubt is stalking you.


You might have had this dream for a while, but for some reason, you’re just not moving forward with it. You might even be asking, “Is this what I really want? If it is, why aren’t I doing it? Why is it such a struggle?”


You’re wondering where on earth to start. Feeling stuck and frustrated. Spinning in circles.


You’re not broken. There’s nothing wrong with you. None of us were born knowing this stuff!


How do you create a marketing strategy when you hate marketing and sales? When you want to be aligned with your values and be 100% true to yourself. You haven’t quite figured that out.


On the surface, you hesitate and tell yourself that you don’t have enough experience. That you don’t know the exact steps to take.


But deep down there’s fear. Fear that if you do what you want to do and really step out there for the entire world to see, that your business won’t work. Or that something awful will happen. (Although you’re not sure what!)


The consequence? You’re just not doing it. Or you’re doing it half-heartedly.


What if you could be out there and stay completely true to yourself? To put that passion you feel for your work into action.


And what if you didn’t have to do it alone?


What if there were a whole team of people supporting you? We’re better together. It’s less lonely. Our individual steps and transformations are magnified. We support and encourage each other. Stay accountable and connected. Share our wisdom. Laugh more.


What do you need?


  • Real clarity about what you can offer
  • An authentic business mission that rings true
  • A way to talk about what you do that’s natural and doesn’t involve an elevator speech (I know, I hate them too!)
  • Maybe to define your clientele, clarify your goals, create a solid foundation for your practice
  • To get out of vague and unsure and into clarity and purpose about who you serve and how you help them so you can move forward
  • A strategy for marketing that makes sense and doesn’t make you feel sleezy
  • Systems and processes that save you time
  • Friendly, helpful colleagues with a common goal
  • To reach more people with your gifts and make a difference in the world while you’re at it


What I’ve noticed from years of transformational work with individuals and groups is that while our minds get tangled up in the how-tos, we access our real power when we’re mindful and centered. Aligned with our own unique purpose and calling. Then, yes, we can figure out the details and it’s so much easier. Like dancing!


Wait List Established for Spring 2017


“I am lucky enough to be able to meet Carol in person, observe her facilitating a group, and be a part of her call coaching program. Just after a few meetings with Carol I started feeling the shifts in my limiting beliefs and avoidance behaviours related to growing my business. Carol is gentle, real, and is able to be motivating but not pushy. The word that I would use is inspiring! The most powerful thing about her personality and coaching approach is that she is does more than inspire you, she is able to help you find a direction that works for you and empower you to let go of fears and follow your heart.”

Katya Sivak RCC


What’s Included

  • 2 90 minute facilitated calls each month (local numbers, no long distance)
  • Access to my extensive business library
  • 100+ worksheets
  • Recordings of each session (so you never miss a thing)
  • Secret Facebook Forum (so you’ll never be lonely again)

(Not to worry, there is no drinking from the firehose! I send you personalized information that’s relevant to your specific situation.)


1) You’ll get the benefit of my years of experience. I’ll help you develop your practice from the very practical details, to big picture strategies, to deep and profound transformational change. (along with my years of facilitation skills, so there’s room for everyone’s voice).


2) You get each other! With all of the wisdom, insight and connection that brings.


On each call I’ll offer teachings, practices, and strategies that are relevant to the group as needed. There will be space for you to share challenges as well as celebrations and to ask questions. I’ll provide coaching to help you get clear and move forward when you get stuck.



Noon – 1:30, the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month.


If those dates don’t work, and you’re still keen, fill in the application  HERE.  New groups may be starting at a different date and time.



From time to time topics may come up in the group that don’t require coaching. You know, the “How do you do that? ” questions. In those cases I’ll be able to pull from my extensive business library as needed to give you training content so our group time is reserved for coaching and direct personal support.


A Truly Small Group

There are no more than 6 people in my groups, so everyone gets plenty of airtime, personal attention and we have enough people to create real group momentum.


The Commitment

Your minimum commitment is four months, so you can get some real traction (change and learning take time); although you may find that you’re having so much fun and making so much progress you’ll want to stick around longer than that!


The Cost

$250 + GST per month (Really!)


How to Join

There are two steps. The first is to fill out the form at this link




Next, I’ll follow up with a phone/Skype call. I’m committed to building a powerful, resonant circle that will be safe. A space to develop your business. Where you’ll get deep support and encouragement to step out into the world.


If you’re ready to stop doing it alone, then please jump in and apply. I’m really looking forward to talking to you.


Here’s a link to the form again.




Other questions? Concerns?


Schedule a call by clicking here or email