Who You Are


  • You constantly think, I could do so much more if…”
  • You’ve taken on at least one staff and are eager to expand your team sustainably
  • Job? Never. Crosses. Your. Mind.
  • You know tomorrow won’t look like today and that’s so exciting

Business Profile

  • You have at least one employee and outsource when necessary
  • Your cash flow is stable and you’re building profitability
  • You’re willing and able to invest to expand your reach and your services
  • You understand you must care for yourself to take care of your life and your business

How I Help

  • Teach you ways to successfully attract, skillfully manage, and retain a team
  • Provide a confidential space to try out ideas and problem solve
  • Coach you to become the leader people want to follow (it’s never too early to start)
  • Challenge you to grow and learn how to self-manage in an ever changing environment


Your Goals

  • Learn how to create, manage, and retain a team
  • Create a steady stream of the right clients
  • Develop systems and processes so you’re doing what you do best
  • Continue to increase revenue and improve cash flow

Your Challenges

  • How to tweak that client list so you have only ideal ones
  • How to attract and manage people effectively
  • Create work/life balance so you don’t burn out or neglect your loved ones (that never changes)
  • Maintain cash flow to meet the payroll

How We Work

Initial Consultation

Let’s get together to see if working together makes sense to both of us. Ensure you’re willing to commit the resources–budget and time along with the openness to challenge your assumptions and limiting beliefs about who you and how to approach your new role.


We’ll get clear on the challenges facing you and your team (even if it’s a team of one). Discover your strengths and uncover your vulnerabilities.

Strategic Plan

We’ll take all your ideas, questions and throw them up on the wall (all my clients love to do this). Ensure that your vision fits the new you. Help you build the bridge from solo worker to employer. On a larger scale, broaden the vision to include your staff and solicit their input too.


Take the steps you identified in your strategic plan and map them out. Ensure your staff understands your vision and goals. Learn how to create a cohesive team. Create common goals. Become an effective communicator whether the going is tough or smooth.

Follow Up

You and your staff will grow and thrive if you keep each other accountable. Learn effective ways to direct and coach your team. Give and take feedback. Motivate people in meaningful ways because one size never fits anyone!

The Outcomes

  • Step fully into your role as a business owner who’s becoming a leader
  • Identify what you do well and learn how to effectively delegate the rest
  • Learn how to manage a team that’s committed and sticks around
  • Communicate clearly
  • Take a holiday with minimal intrusion


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Start the WorkBuild a strong foundation for your new business.
Share the WorkBecome the leader they want to follow.
Carol's genuine desire to help is evident the first time you talk to her. With many years and areas of professional expertise behind her, she has useful and practical insights on just about any business or personal issue you can project her way. Highly skilled, highly valuable.
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