Who You Are


  • Your “overnight” success started some time ago and you’re steadily growing year after year
  • You have a core group of staff that you rely on
  • You allocate resources and have time to execute your ultimate vision
  • You demonstrate that business can be a force for good

Business Profile

  • Your business is now an organization with teams or multiple associates
  • You’re becoming known in your industry and community
  • Cash flow is sustainable, profitability growing
  • You have a management process so you aren’t needed in day-to-day operations

How I Help

  • Create a confidential space for you to be yourself as you work through challenges
  • Support you to create a positive, learning culture that reflects your values
  • Assist you to foster team engagement and facilitate feedback from your teams
  • Coach you to become a leader who sustains continuous growth and success

Your Goals

  • Create a positive, learning culture that reflects your values
  • Deepen your self-awareness and self-mastery
  • Attract, hire and develop the best talent possible
  • Become the best boss they’ve ever had by building your personal leadership skills

Your Challenges

  • It’s lonely at the top and you’re pulled in multiple directions
  • At times you wonder, “Is this it?” or “It’s all too much.” or “Now what?”
  • You have so many exciting opportunities – which ones do you choose?
  • Your life looks good on the outside, but your inside isn’t doing nearly as well

How We Work

Initial Consultation

Let’s get together to see if working together is the right fit for each of us. That you’ll commit the budget and time needed to see real results.  Be open to learning how others perceive you and challenge your view of yourself.


Time to uncover the kind of a leader you want to become. Do some self-reflection and assessment.  Hear what your team has to say about your strengths and vulnerabilities.  Commit to growth and behaviour change.

Strategic Plan

Determine how to keep the business sustainable after years of operation. Throw those limitless possibilities on the wall. Capture that expanding vision, you know you want more. Sort through the endless opportunities that keep presenting themselves.


Time for action. Build new habits and skills to become a competent and confident leader. Engage your teams in regular conversations that build relationships, develop skills, and make small measurable behaviour changes. Gain insights on how your teams are doing.

Follow Up

Track your commitments. Observe, evaluate, debrief, and adjust.

The Outcomes

  • Become the leader you aspire to be — inside and out
  • Cultivate a positive, learning culture and effective leadership team
  • Enjoy professional success without sacrificing your personal life or well-being
  • Begin to create a lasting legacy


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Carol's genuine desire to help is evident the first time you talk to her. With many years and areas of professional expertise behind her, she has useful and practical insights on just about any business or personal issue you can project her way. Highly skilled, highly valuable.
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