Who You Are


  • You’ve made the leap into self-employment
  • You’re learning constantly, often the hard way
  • Some days you wonder if you should go back to a real” job (and then think, NO!)
  • This is way more fun and way more stressful than you ever imagined

Business Profile

  • Under 3 years either full or part-time
  • Some months are profitable, others not so much, but you can pay the bills
  • There is money and willingness to invest in learning and support
  • Time to build a reliable and repeatable marketing and sales system

How I Help

  • Teach you marketing and sales skills that suit your strengths and personality
  • Share information, resources, and guidance to navigate your external world
  • Coach you to become a successful soloprenuer with a business that supports your life
  • Challenge you to grow and learn how to self-manage

Your Goals

  • Get a clear picture and plan for where you want to go
  • Get focused on the right activities and maximize your results by working smarter
  • Create a steady stream of clients so you have a stable income
  • Feel more confident and peaceful

Your Challenges

  • How to find the right clients
  • How to spend your time most effectively
  • Create work/life balance so you don’t burn out or neglect your loved ones
  • Manage the self-doubt, fear, anxiety, and procrastination that shows up with alarming frequency

How We Work

Initial Consultation

We’ll chat to see if we’re a good fit. Ensure you have the necessary resources money, time to implement, and the willingness to feel discomfort in order to grow. (We all have those blind spots!)


We’ll uncover your ultimate vision and learn what makes you both happy and productive using a combination of questionnaires and assessments.

Strategic Plan

We’ll take all your ideas, questions and throw them up on the wall (yes literally), decide what supports your vision and prioritize those activities.


I’ll teach you the building blocks that create a solid foundation for business success. We ll create action steps (yes, there will be homework!), so you make clear, measureable progress.

Follow Up

We’ll track your key commitments and keep them top of mind.

The Outcomes

  • Notice a shift in your thinking and see yourself as a small business owner
  • Define your long term vision as a solopreneur, with a strategic plan to get there
  • Develop systems and schedules for your work week so you can wear your many hats with ease
  • Create your own steady paycheque with a business that is not only sustainable, but profitable
  • Learn the skills to create a solid business network so you don’t have to do this on your own


Not quite you? Explore our other services.

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Carol's genuine desire to help is evident the first time you talk to her. With many years and areas of professional expertise behind her, she has useful and practical insights on just about any business or personal issue you can project her way. Highly skilled, highly valuable.
Steve Brooks