Success Stories

I’m so pleased I joined the 12 Months to Your Ideal Practice Meet-up group organized by Katya.  Your unflappable support and guidance and your encouragement during our monthly “think-tank” meetings made it possible to look at what I wanted to do differently in my private practice, and gave me the confidence and commitment I needed to roll up my sleeves and take action. As a result I’m now actively pursuing what makes most sense for me including taking further training suited to my way of working,  identifying and marketing for my ideal client, and diversifying the services I now provide to a broader community of clients. Thank you, Carol for your superb support.

Karen Coulombe B.Ed., M.A., BCATR, RCC

Over the past 7 years, Carol and I have worked together on projects ranging from human resource management to city-wide and regional initiatives. She consistently demonstrates impressive people skills and personifies integrity. I’ve also watched her coach and mentor emerging leaders and develop highly effective teams. Carol’s kindness and respect for others helps them quickly get to the heart of their issues and identify their authentic goals. Her sense of humour keeps things in perspective and her focus on solutions results in practical action plans that can be readily implemented in both personal and professional contexts.

Colette Mandin

I decided to check Carol out after a friend referred her to me. After having a personal chat with her I was convinced Carol was the one I wanted to work with. Going in with what I thought was my objective, Carol helped me to step back and better be able to see where I really was and where I was going. I was able to see my objective differently. One of the biggest benefits I gained was having more focus and clarity.

I wasn’t aware there was so much work in being an entrepreneur. She’s helped guide me through it, getting me into the right frame of mind. I got exactly what I needed – her style and engagement level worked for me. She is also very responsive.

I’m in the last couple of years of my career and am now ready for Carol to help me take the next step in building my own business. I recommend Carol to other business owners I talk to.

Yvonne Peters

I chose to work with Carol for a lot of reasons. When I met her I felt how alive and vibrant she is. I found her to be an authentic, compassionate listener with a big heart and a brilliant mind. One of the things I was drawn to is that she is an experienced business woman, so she knows what she’s talking about from being through challenging times herself.

Because of her support & resourcefulness, along with her wisdom, I believe in myself, my skills and abilities, and my value as a business woman much more now. Carol is also more than just a business coach. She holds space for me to explore my fears, my relationships, my future, and my finances – all areas of my life – in order to move forward at a sustainable pace.

Carol, herself, is a savvy business owner and successful in life in all ways. She is someone I choose to spend time with and strive to be more like.

Lynn Fraser

I am lucky enough to be able to meet Carol in person, observe her facilitating a group, and be a part of her call-in coaching program. Just after a few meetings with Carol I started feeling the shifts in my limiting beliefs and avoidance behaviours related to growing my business. Carol is gentle, real, and is able to be motivating but not pushy. The word that I would use is inspiring! The most powerful thing about her personality and coaching approach is that she is does more than inspire you, she is able to help you find a direction that works for you and empower you to let go of fears and follow your heart.

Katya Sivak

I first worked with Carol when I took one of her workshops. From that point she stayed in touch with me. At that time in my business life I wasn’t sure what I was doing. Carol was very patient and honest with me. We talked quite a bit as she worked to find a way to work with me one on one.

With her guidance and support I was definitely able to chart a gradual increase my client base. Carol helped me in shifting my presentation. I became more confident explaining what I did for potential clients. I was able to connect better.

When I started working with Carol, I told her I was not a business woman. However, with her help, ongoing support and the Book Yourself Solid system, I now call myself a business woman. And I’m good at it!

Jayne Willoughby

After meeting and discussing my needs with Carol, I decided to work with her for 3 months. My vision for my business was weak. I didn’t clearly know who I was marketing to. With Carols’ support I was able to move from trying to attract a broad range of clients, to gaining the clarity around who I wanted to work with.

In that 3 month period that I worked with Carol, I saw more success in my business. I learned to say “yes” or “no” to decisions and actions with confidence. I now know who I am and what I am doing. She was excellent in providing the foundational work I, and my business, required.

It was very important work I did with Carol. There’s a transformational dimension in the way she coaches as it relates to defining your purpose.

Jane Zakreski

Nancy McLeod and Kathryn Graff Flourishing WomenWhen we first considered working with Carol, our business idea was not clear. We had a nebulous vision for a business venture and needed support to take concrete steps in making the vision reality.  We wondered if two friends should go into business together.  Not only that, we didn’t’ want to have anything to do with marketing and sales. Honestly, we really hoped that Carol would just do it for us!
Carol reassured us that our friendship could be a real strength. She was encouraging, helpful, practical, and kept us accountable, gently but persistently. We looked forward to our sessions, laughed while we got things done, and felt inspired to keep going. Now we have the product we wanted to create and actually embrace the idea of marketing and sales (something we never imagined!).
Carol helped us realize our dream.

Nancy McLeod and Kathryn Graff Flourishing Women

MLeBlanc_GreyWhen I first considered working with Carol and using the BYS system, I wasn’t 100% sure of the Return on Investment, but it was a great experience with real benefits. I absolutely value the work we did together. Our regular sessions were responsive to my specific needs and helped me be even more clear, accountable and motivated. Carol is a wonderful combination of business advisor and coach who balances a willingness to look at the hard stuff with a gentleness to help me work through it.
I’ve realized a critical shift in my thinking. I’ve gone from thinking about sales with trepidation to thinking about sales as a positive part of building relationships and helping leaders solve their problems and make the most of their opportunities. I’m a strong listener who asks thought provoking questions so I can easily appreciate what business owners are experiencing and what they need.
After completing Carol’s program I’m now 10 times more comfortable talking about what I can bring to them and their company and how we can work together to help them and their growing team succeed based on their definition of success. Those who are my likely clients get it – they relate very quickly and we connect! And even better – it feels clean, not polyester like, for me.
Over and above all that I have also developed a strategy that will help me get in front of my target market to create the opportunity for these dialogues. My business is moving forward and I am helping my clients grow as leaders while growing their team and their business. And in Carol’s words: “I’m playing with it” and fully enjoying the relationships I’m building and the difference our work together is making.

Marguerite, LeBlanc Founder, The Leaders Kitchen

Jim headshot

After more than 20 years as a successful consultant, I was feeling stale, unproductive, and wondering what I really stood for.

Carol took my practice to the next level. Her insightful feedback and advice, along with a universe of skills, a mountain of experience and a doctorate of understanding of people and people skills, transformed me and my business.

Now I feel liberated, knowing who my ideal clients are and why I want to work with them. I’ve reconnected with why and how I devote myself to do my best and give my best. My sessions with Carol give me clarity about what to do and practical steps on how to do it.

I never expected business coaching to be this amazing, joyful, or energizing. The lessons I’ve experienced have struck a deep chord- not just about my business but also about my life.

Changing the way I work is also boosting my bottom line. By taking a different approach to client follow up, I earned back the last six months of coaching fees with one focussed client meeting.

Thank you, Carol, you are the real deal!

Jim Klingle, Principal, Emerging Directions Consulting Ltd.


Carol was my choice to be my coach because she is able to support both business and personal life challenges. So often it’s the lack of self-confidence and self-worth that blocks business success and she is an expert at addressing both. Whatever is needed at the time.

Her empathy and intuition, combined with the wisdom learned from her own personal struggles and successes as a solo entrepreneur, makes her a superior role model and coach.

From my time with Carol, I gained confidence in believing I am capable of succeeding in business. She helped me become aware of blocks and how to move through them. With the boost in my self-confidence and self-respect, I know can succeed at whatever I put my mind to – particularly if I have Carol as my buddy!

She’s wowed me with her expertise and professionalism. She has a way of drawing out your best performance. With gentleness she called me to higher standards, helping me move through excuses and take responsibility. I found her generous, compassionate, insightful and funny – her big heart shines through in every connection. Carol is easy to relate to and I felt she really cares about me.

Patrice Robson


When I first began working with Carol I didn’t feel confident as a coach. I wondered how I would stand out or how I’d make it in business when so many people fail. It was scary to be an entrepreneur!

By following the Book Yourself Solid™ system, with Carol keeping me on track, I was able to discover my target market and niche; get very clear about my strengths and how to integrate them into my coaching business. Now I’ve created a foundation that I can stand on. I know what I have to offer and how to talk about it.

I recommend Carol. She’s knowledgeable and explains things very clearly. And she’s intuitive — knows when I’m going off course and when to push. She’s patient, funny, and kind. Thanks to our sessions, I’m now aware of what I’m going to do for my life’s work; feel so much healthier and happier; and am going forward to fulfill my dream.

Rae Tayler Dental Technology Coach