Carol's one day intensive business coaching was such a great choice for my business. There have been some hurdles I have been wanting to get over and some ideas that I have needed to get out of my head and onto paper in a clear concise manner. I could not have done it without Carol's knowledge, skills and wisdom. The day is made up of two 3-4 hour sessions with a nice lunch break in the middle. This was the perfect time for me to open up and really explore the steps that I need, to take my business to the next level. To top is off she keeps me accountable. I can not recommend Carol's one day intensive high enough. Carol is extremely personable and genuine. So if you are needing a boost to your business, Carol will most certainly help you make a difference and a profit too.
Ila Casselman
I’m successful consultant who’s worked for more than 20 years. I was at a low point, feeling stale, only about 25% productive, and wondering what I really stood for. I wanted to get beyond fees as a distinguishing factor, I’m not just a dollar sign, but was unsure how to change that. If you want to take your practice to the next level, inject it with enthusiasm, take it further, get better, work with Carol, she’s the real deal. Her insightful feedback and advice, along with a universe of skills, a mountain of experience, and a doctorate of understanding of people and people skills, makes her a real pleasure to work with. Now I feel liberated because I know who my star clients are and why I want to work with them. Why and how I will devote myself to them – to do my best and give my best. Our sessions give me clarity about what to do and practical steps about how to do it. I’m rejuvenated, know my credo and can fully express the essence of who I am.
Jim Klingle
Carol has helped my wife and I prioritize our goals and figure out how to add more recreation to our busy lives while increasing our income! Cannot say enough about Carol!!!! If you want to grow your business go see Carol!!!
Rob Trendiak
Carol Greenaway is a wonderful business coach who has helped me for over 2 years as my business is growing and evolving. She has provided clarity, insightful strategies, and accountability for my goals. She also helped me remain calm and offered tactics to keep stress levels low, which I use on a regular basis. Carol guided me to focus and create systems that would enable my business to grow while allowing me to maintain a healthy work/life balance. She is kind, extremely insightful, generous, funny, and really cares about the success AND well-being of her clients. Carol doesn't just act as your coach, but as a true partner helping you towards your business goals. Without Carol, my business would not be where it is today. I am so grateful for Carol's guidance and I would highly recommend her as a business coach for entrepreneurs who want to thrive!
Gisele Forge
I've been working with Carol for a little over a year now in different capacities and it has definitely been time and money well spent. We are about to embark on some team training through her actionable program and during our preparatory conversation to establish some KPI's to measure success she just casually through out a suggestion that has been insanely simple to implement and is going to result in us immediately generating more revenue. That one tip (which was one of many) resolved a problem I've been trying to figure out for a couple of years and is going to result in higher revenue. Thanks Carol - you're my not so secret treasure.
Amanda Mungal
I am lucky enough to be able to meet Carol in person, observe her facilitating a group, and be a part of her call-in coaching program. Just after a few meetings with Carol I started feeling the shifts in my limiting beliefs and avoidance behaviours related to growing my business. Carol is gentle, real, and is able to be motivating but not pushy. The word that I would use is inspiring! The most powerful thing about her personality and coaching approach is that she is does more than inspire you, she is able to help you find a direction that works for you and empower you to let go of fears and follow your heart.
Katya Sivak
Carol's genuine desire to help is evident the first time you talk to her. With many years and areas of professional expertise behind her, she has useful and practical insights on just about any business or personal issue you can project her way. Highly skilled, highly valuable.
Steve Brooks
Carol provides real advice and helps you find ways to transform your business. She has real experience with running businesses which makes her able to give exactly the right support for any business owner (and their business) looking to become more profitable or just to grow!
Emily Bridger
Working with Carol has been transformative for me. Her instincts are spot-on. She is honest and supportive, and yet holds me accountable to take action. Carol has helped me develop a clear focus and direction for my small business. Thank you Carol!
Lisa Millar
Originally I thought that I didn't need a coach, I could create a business plan all on my own. I am so thankful that I connected with Carol!. In under six months, I was able to create a strategic, focused business plan and increased my confidence having developed my personal brand. I appreciated Carol's wisdom, guidance and her gentle nudging as we worked together to refine my business goals. She challenged my perspectives and encouraged me to think strategically. I looked forward to our conversations with eager anticipation, excited to see how the process unfolded. I've referred my fellow colleagues and friends to contact Carol. It's been a great experience for me and I am thrilled to begin this new chapter!
Jennifer Kirkelund
I've now been working with Carol over the past year and can truly say she offers me the ability to see what I can't see or view things in a different light to see the potential & possibilities for continued growth. I would highly recommend Carol as your coach in not just business but in life too!
Katy Mackenzie

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