The Process

  1. Initial conversation we get together to make sure this is a great fit for both of us
  2. Assessment /discovery we take the time to get to know what you truly want and what makes you tick
  3. Strategic Plan we get all your ideas out of your head and onto paper so you can focus and prioritize
  4. Implementation – together we create a step by step action plan
  5. Sustainability—you commit to making change stick by tracking how well you’re doing and checking in consistently
carol greenaway coach

The Outcomes

Some of the results that happy clients report

make money


Stabilize your income
Increase profitability
Optimize your resources
better health


Reawaken your sense of purpose
Adjust work/life balance
Feel peace of mind
increased happiness


Increase clarity
Develop confidence
Improve relationships
(with yourself and others, too)


I work with businesses at all stages and focus on three key areas: Business Development Tools and Techniques, Personal Growth and Development, as well as Implementation and Accountability, so there’ll be a package that’s right for you whether you’re starting out or taking on the world.

Start the WorkBuild a strong foundation for your new business.
Grow the WorkTime to stop being a solopreneur and take it to the next level.
Share the WorkBecome the leader they want to follow.
Carol provides real advice and helps you find ways to transform your business. She has real experience with running businesses which makes her able to give exactly the right support for any business owner (and their business) looking to become more profitable or just to grow!
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